09 February 2010


i finished this piece a few weeks ago.
i threw it together really.
i didn't plan or sketch
or spend too much time trying to make it just right.
i wanted to make something,
to relearn the tools and methods
that seemed so foreign to me.
i didn't want the pressure of perfection...
i can be down right mean to myself sometimes.

so, here she is...
she is my first actual creation in my studio.
she is rough.
she is awkward,
maybe even a little unstable.
but boy, oh boy,

i made her to remind myself:
to start.
to allow imperfection.
to hold on to freedom.
to fly.

oh, oh - ALSO,
my maker's mark came in the mail!!!

it's my initials...
forming a winged heart.
ahhh, i think it suits me well.

it's official.

sarah beth


  1. Very cool. She's a pretty bird. Also really like your maker's mark, very clever.

  2. Um, Sarah, my dear, I would buy that today, so please stop saying all that imperfection nonsense (because it is nonsense- nothing, especially nothing made w/ our hands, is perfect, and therein lies beauty; besides, I don't relate to perfect things, do you?). And your maker's mark is lovely.

    Also, I still want that photograph...