27 October 2009

adventures of david(ette) the gnome.

sometimes we get paid to take pictures in beautiful parks.
and then they pay for us to stay the night in a cottage.
and then we take pictures for fun.

i guess this really doesn't have anything to do with
but it was a pretty awesome show.


18 October 2009

love 365

it was friendship at first sight. we shared an 8am studio class
 (in which the two of us should have never been in at the same time, but life's funny that way).
i told him his head looked like a lollipop and immediately wanted to know him and for him to know me.
he thought i was cute, but shallow, so we took our time.

he has inspired me from day one.
 i was drawn to his talent, his sense of humor, his boldness, his morals...
and those eyes of his that pulled me into a calm i hadn't known.
i wanted him to be my best friend.
i wanted him to be my hero.
i wanted him to be my resting place, my home.
i wanted him to love me.

of course, the timing was off, not once, but twice.
but then, just like that...it wasn't.
7.7.07 we decided we were a "we"
11.12.07 we decided we were in love and going to get married.
10.18.08 we did just that.

365 days of:
one star meals
tremendous growth
pure and utter silliness
pure and honest support
sharing sight

i love my husband.
we do life together.
and, for that, i am blessed.

16 October 2009

you're invited.

pity party, officially over.
thank you to those who helped brighten my day
and lighten my load-
it means heaps and heaps,
and i appreciate you to pieces!
anyway, enough about that silly sass...

paul and i will be celebrating our one year sunday.
i want to shout it from the rooftops i love him so.
in preparation for our upcoming festivities, i thought i'd share with you
some visuals from sweetest day, 2008.
consider yourself invited to our wedding (in pictures)
 from one year ago.
i wish you could have been there.
(or maybe you were)

photos by mandi
she's wonderful.
actaully, she's incredible!
look her up.

i will share some thoughts with you on paul and love
and marriage and year one tomorrow when i have time to digest everything.
now, i must go play pit with some of the
 greatest people on the planet.

today. i. feel. defeated.

i just stood outside in cold grey watching my breath crumble as i hollered for armani to come inside. he was having a pissing match with the neighbor's dog (who was running loose, as always). normally, i find it endearing that my 15 lb. fluff ball of a dog tries to stand his ground against sheep dogs and labradors much larger than he. today, not so much.
i felt invisible and ignored by my own dog.

my eyes feel hot and unsteady.
my hands incapable. my strength inadequate.
and my tooth aches.

i feel like i am watching others succeed while i sit on my hands.
i can't seem to get it together.
i am sucking at life.

i wish the sun would come out.
i'll feel better tomorrow.

14 October 2009

the light from within.

the light from within
sealed tightly in its cage
only keeps the soul from going blind

it has been known
to shoot from fingertips
ride away on deep breaths
radiate around twin portholes
not fixed in one direction
seep into words of affirmation
overflow when trapped to long

shadows slink away
cower from the glow
our light is made to shine

light from within series.
in the shop tonight.