17 February 2010

heavy and light.

heavy and light.

white enchantment.
surreal pristine.
blanket of diamond dust.

makes me want to hug the fire.
it's been a long, cold winter.

my toes are nipped.
i'm starting to feel washed out.

i want to feel the sun on my cheeks.
the grass under my feet.

frozen sentinels.

heavy & light.

15 February 2010

09 February 2010


i finished this piece a few weeks ago.
i threw it together really.
i didn't plan or sketch
or spend too much time trying to make it just right.
i wanted to make something,
to relearn the tools and methods
that seemed so foreign to me.
i didn't want the pressure of perfection...
i can be down right mean to myself sometimes.

so, here she is...
she is my first actual creation in my studio.
she is rough.
she is awkward,
maybe even a little unstable.
but boy, oh boy,

i made her to remind myself:
to start.
to allow imperfection.
to hold on to freedom.
to fly.

oh, oh - ALSO,
my maker's mark came in the mail!!!

it's my initials...
forming a winged heart.
ahhh, i think it suits me well.

it's official.

sarah beth

03 February 2010

open up the doors to your heart.

i.e. my husband and i,
celebrated our new studio space by hosting an open house monday night.

oh my goodness, it was wonderful!

of course, we are very much enamored with the space.
it is roomy, grounded with a mixture of well-worn hard wood and funky checker board tile.
wonderfully odd molding crowns the rooms.
the door knobs and light fixtures appear to be original
and tell stories of the past.
and the copper hood over the stove...

she really is a lovely place
(and why she's a she, i don't really know, but she definitely is).
cleaning up scuffs and handprints on the walls,
i caught myself daydreaming of all the lives
lived out in her hollow chest.
maybe i'm a romantic.

 of course, regardless
we are excited about living out our hearts
and pursuing our dreams.

we are blessed to no end.
we had a tremendous turn out...
we were totally blown away by the outpouring of
love and support
from our friends and family and perfect strangers.

having a space with an artsy aroma and old soul character is great.
following our passion is pretty great, too.
doing life together, my husband and i,...
well, that's a miracle in itself.
but, all of this is because the way He loves us.
He loves us.
THAT is the best part.

sarah beth