16 November 2009

i'm not dead.

just breathing shallow and laying low.

a few minutes ago i stepped out to get the mail in my shorts. i'm enjoying the unpredictable fade of our indian summer. it's mid-november, and the sky is warm white. the trees have been stripped, but stand tall in grey resilience. except for the row of trees climbing up our driveway - they are still grasping their fiery coats. i'm cheering them on: "hold tighter" i said as i watched a few of their leaves float away on my way to the empty mailbox. i should have know the mail would be slow on monday, but i was itching to feel the sun (and see if my stones arrived)...

on my way back up the hill, i caught a glimpse of the mail truck winding down the road a few houses up. so, i plopped down in the grass to wait. it always feels so good to stretch out in the grass (even when it's brittle and feels more like spiky turf than a shag rug). i tried breathing in the sun to make my throat feel better (yep, i'm sick, but hold that thought). i let the slow breeze that hugs the earth
move over me.

whilst i lay there, undoubtedly concerning my neighbors that i really am dead, i watched my dogs smell, taste, prance about, and, inevitably, have a run on with the beckett's lab. he likes to walk in our yard. my little ones, however, do not like this so much. by the time the mail arrived, the rogue was sniffing out a spot to pee on our mailbox. so, when mrs. mailman dropped off the goods, she also dropped him a treat. by the time my pups got to it, the treat had been gobbled up...armi did manage to lick up a few crumbs, as always. on the way back to the house (stones in hand!), i heard one of the golden retrievers up the road whining that he wasn't involved
 in the going ons.

i'm not sure if my little life is blessed or perhaps a little sad that i can become so enthralled with neighborhood dog drama.

in other news...
we just got back from a brisk weekend in pittsburgh. while i did get to make a new acquaintance, eat some great BBQ, spend time with people i love, and visit the museum of contemporary craft, i was stricken with a head cold and spend saturday night cooped up with my husband in our hotel room. we stayed in and ate food from sheetz...and i had tissues dangling out of my nose in a very nostril meets walrus type fashion. which is extremely attractive by the way.
but it was wonderful all the same.

a quick update then i'm off to take a very warm shower:
i am on my way to having all my silversmithing supplies, AND i have a snazzy studio space set up (in the garage, but, hey...better than nothing!). so, i'm on track to getting where i want to be very soon. please be patient.

ok, i'm off to get ready to check out a possible new studio space for boekell photography and to head to ohio for chili night with some great friends.



  1. Ohhhhh silver supplies, sounds like fun! I'm trying to imagine snow and lying in the grass with shorts on? :) Cute story, Sarah

  2. You are gathering focus: I can tell - how wonderful - I cannot wait to see what you create!