11 March 2010

not a moment too soon.

i'm not even sure what thoughts have been occupying my mind lately.
everything is dizzy like the wind.
my head is in the stars, wearing saturn's rings for sunglasses.

i'm 10 weeks pregnant.
it's scary to say that,
it all seems so fragile and delicate.
my secret diamond on the inside.
there is life growing.
the Creator is creating a masterpiece,
and all i have to do is eat, drink, breathe, sleep and

and we are moving.
same town, different house...
on my family's land.
the original farm house.
it's quite a bit smaller,
but it sits atop a hill as well,
with siding the color of buttery sunshine.
it has a front porch that overlooks one of the ponds.
at night you can hear the peepers in the marsh.
i know this, because it is the house i lived in when i was little.
i'm excited to plant a garden:
strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, roses...
i'm really nostalgic about the whole idea.
but right now, i'm really tired of packing.
i'm a touch sad about leaving this house,
as it was our first home.
i'm mostly just tired.
i hear that's because i'm pregnant.

i'm excited about spring and all the change it brings.
everything truly is wonderful.
i just opened the front door and
big, fat warm rain drops smacked me on the cheek.

sarah beth


  1. What a wonderful life you're weaving, inside and out :)

    Love to you and yours,

  2. If you need help all you have do is call and I'll be there... : )I hope I get to see you Sunday at Mum & Dad's!

  3. Take care of yourself and your little bun in the oven. Best wishes on your move, such a blessing to move to a home already filled with your memories.