05 May 2010

what kind of soul are you?

we are on vacation...and it is quite nice
here at the beach.

but i do not have a sandy-footed soul.

i don't resonate with the beach.
it doesn't call for me but once or twice a year.
my soul isn't shaded by palms or walled in by waves
and shifty dunes.
there aren't seagulls sweeping overhead or
wicker furniture in the breeze room of my innermost.
i'm not one to wear shark teeth and puka shells tied to my ankle.

but i do love it here.
it's easy to appreciate the ocean:
the darkness
the vastness
the power 
the restraint
the life within
the treasures down deep in its belly

the breeze is weightless
and feels like flying.
everything is laced with salt,
enough to make my laboriously straightened locks 
tell the truth and show their messy curls.

my face is sun kissed and 
hopefully my feet will take me home to the hills
a little smoother.

i'm really not sure what kind of soul i have living in my chest.
i'll let you know should i ever find out.

what about you?

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