29 March 2011

playing catch up.

remember me?
i'm back in this space.
i've missed writing it all, narrating my day to day.
with everything going on, this place has been neglected.
& i felt a sense if pressure about it all.
before i get back into the current,
i thought i'd play a little game of catch up.
photos of my preceeding life.

winter came and went.
and came and went.
overstayed her welcome, really.
she's a temperamental beauty:

valentine's day showed up
in a handmade kind of way.
my heart well is continuously overflowing:

(necklace by HouseThatCrowBuilt)
 my little one learned to sleep like this:
(i love that tushy!)

i moved my smithing studio into my dad's glass space
(& i sold my first piece).
i've been practicing and expanding horizons.
the future is full of possibility.
but more on that later: 

as of a month or so ago,
i now not only photograph with my husband,
but i have started working with him in the office as well.
it's good for me:

we've been getting acclimated to our new home
on the family farm.
or should i say, reacclimated since it was
my childhood home.
doesn't that sound romantic?
practically speaking, it's been fantastic for our finances,
as well as a great excuse
 to purge & consolidate.
it's an unbeatable walk to my momma's house.
it smells earthy and is downright iridescent.
plus, you can't beat the nightsong:

there's been some change,
some growth,

and then there's this little man.
my heart beat.
he's approaching six months.
time flies, they say.
he's getting so big: 

 and then spring came like a festival.
sunshine for my marrow:

what have you been up to?



  1. Oh my darling you ARE flying!!!
    I am so excited to see your work, and still call whenever you need to, or even if you do not ;)
    The baby boy is mind-achingly beautiful.
    Sigh :)


  2. So glad you are back!
    I adore these photos into your life..that babe is so so cute!!


    Lots of love!

  3. Arm on car window made me breathe really deep.

  4. as i scrolled through your photos, each one growing more beautiful than the next, Tushy made me SMILE...F.O.R.D made me sigh...winged cuff made me swoon...but ISAIAH & his big baby blues made me cry...sooo angelic!