03 July 2009



This week has evaporated. Poof. Seriously?
But it's Friday...
So, it's time to obsess a little.
2. Koi Ponds

{{ these flashy guys live at the museum...}}

We just had a fish funeral {again}.

Fang the koi has passed (he was a good fish);
he drifted away to the big pipe system in the sky...
well, err...underground anyway.

I have concluded it's because there are too many fish
growing too fast in our tank.
Until recently I have never cared particularly for fish.
Lately, they have become a thing of beauty and mesmerization.
I think it's because they float and glide; they fly underwater.
I especially love koi fish.

Painted water.

Brush strokes for fins.

Just lovely.
I think a koi pond would look smashing in our backyard.
Don't you?

1. Marathons

I'm not very athletic. Or maybe I should say sporty.
I dread competition, and I tend to feel paralyzed under pressure.
But I love being outside.
I love working in the dirt, riding the horses, and
exploring the rocks.
I like physical.
I like my exercise to be disguised.
That being said, I want to run a marathon.
Actually, a half marathon.
I don't want to compete per say.
I don't know if I can run the whole thing...
or even walk the whole thing.
But I'm going to train.
I'm going to sign up.
Something inside of me is saying I should try.
Something wants to do what I have never done.
Something wants to prove I'm strong.

Something wants to run.

I'll keep you updated.

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