07 July 2009

i love him.

two years ago today...


i realized how much he means to me.
i couldn't see the future...
i didn't know we'd be married by now...
i didn't know how he was going

to rock my world...

two years ago i didn't know he was
going to be my forever best friend...
my biggest fan...
my supporter, my comforter...
i didn't know.
but i do now.
he has made me a better version of myself...
a happier version...
God made him for me
and i for him...


and two years ago i didn't even know.

but then again, how could i?

{{i love you. i know you are going to read this...because you love me, too}}


  1. How lucky you are to be so in love and be able to express it so eloquently.

  2. and 2 years from now... no, 200 years from now. i'll find you all the more...

    in reality
    and my one and only
    because without you
    i am less but
    within you i find more
    than dreams or words
    or prayers can fathom

    and you're all together wonderful
    and my soul is yours to keep.

    (i love you too and only God could love you more)