23 July 2009


1. the love of God or Christ for humankind.

this week has hosted the annual Camp Good News Day Camp -
a week i have longingly looked forward to for the past three years.
refreshing, challenging &, at times, heartbreaking.

this past monday rolled around, and i was frazzled.
my heart was callused,
my mind led me to swim in frustration...
scores to count, kids misbehaving, utter chaos.

tuesday appeared...and then evaporated.
i hit the proverbial wall.
already physically and emotionally drained.

wednesday brought with it softness.
and today, well, today...
i found myself alive, aware...
my heart swelling out of my chest.

we gathered around the fire pit to teach the kids today's verse:
mark 12:30

i felt Him.
i felt Him in the wind as it brushed against my face,
turning the leaves.

i heard His rustling.
i saw His touch through the life growing around me.

the campers listening to the verse-
soaking up the words
& the love
& the moment.
many without yet realizing the magnitutude.
so much potential.
what will grip their heart?

paul talked to them with so much passion.
my first week of day camp coincided with the budding of our relationship.
we grew together.
today i listend to my husband speak his soul
& His word.
and i fell in love with him more
& i fell in love with Him more.

i saw two sisters hug while they prayed.
wrapped up and loving it and loving on each other.
a few rows up, two friends held hands -
everyone else with their eyes closed.
not for show, but for love.

after the kids went home
and the counselors had their dinner,
i slipped away to feel.
to feel the ground.
the sun.
to feel.
no camera this time -
i told my mind to remember
and my heart not to forget.
i listened to the sound of my weight on the world.
i tried to see everything with fresh eyes,
inspired by the very ones i was there to inspire and spend the week with.
giant trees with fingers dug into the ground,
& tiny, oblivious lives on their wooden skin.
today i reflected on quiet.
on internal.
on growth.
on beginnings.

i sat down at a picnic table to write, to get it all down.
how is this feeling on my shoulders and in my soul
going to translate into who i am and the work i do?
the surface of the table was gnarly and carved with names

of people i may never know.
they were here, too.
fleeting moments.
peaceful moments.
i may not ever be here again.

but i'm here now.

collect & gather.

{{on a less serious note, i thought i might include this little jewel, a part of the team's winning sculpture. a ram. made of balloons. and which, at one point, had 12 legs.
let's face it: it doesn't get any better than that}}


  1. My prayer is to feel Him more and more each day.

  2. Thanks! You help put things back into fouces....

  3. of all the things i have ever collected or gathered... you have got to be my favorite! =)

  4. Beautiful, absolutely lovely, post. I adore your writing and am so glad you are finding your peace. Thank you for the inspiration and calm.