28 August 2009

friday's obsessions

ahhhh friday.
it's been awhile.
but here it goes:

5. wild horses

"don't fence me in..."

i would love to see them run,
windy manes, shiny flanks,
tails raised like freedom flags...
kicking up some dust.
no saddles, only sun on their backs.
calling out to the clouds and the canyons.
painted hide.
red like clay.

oh, and seahorses...
they're wild aren't they?
i think so.
they make me smile,
the way they cling and float.
i do a great seahorse voice...
it makes paul smile.
you just might smile, too.

4. ikat

how fancy!
it seems so warm
and full of character.
i think it reads like a story
speaks like a painting.
(even if it is from pottery barn...)

3. cow skulls & antlers

so very Georgia O'Keefe.
so very southwest...
so very...natural?
i haven't figured out exactly why i am drawn
but i am...and,
now that i think of it,
have been for awhile.

{{ quick interjection: when i was young, my best friend and i would walk around my grandparents' cattle farm and gather up sun bleached animal bones. we would then go up on the hill to the cliff were there happened to be a nice, shallow cave that made a lovely hangout. we would take the bones out and assemble them into a mysterious creature with hope that one day someone would later discover the remains and think it was an intact animal not yet discovered. i haven't decided yet if we were really bored...or really onto something. }}

and i'm not into killing per say-
but yea, i like antlers, too...

just not as much as this guy does.

2. aurora borealis

aka - the northern lights.

aka - i'm planning a trip...a loosely planned trip to check them out.

any suggestions?

i feel like everything God creates is spectacular in its own right,
but i imagine seeing these lights dance and flash over
a blackened treescape...

1. peacocks!

i say they are extraordinary creatures-
i'd love to have one living in our backyard...
strutting around, its tail shimmering in the light.
they way they move.
their loud, obnoxious cries.

i say i'd love to have one live with us
so i can watch it and draw it
and paint it and have it creativity inspire me...

paul says...NO
too aggressive.
too smelly.
too loud.
(we don't live on a farm by the way)
too expensive.
maybe one day.

i love peacocks,
or at least the idea of them,
but i love paul more.

but maybe if you know one that needs a home...

oh, and speaking of peacocks,
check this out:

Preen Luxe Peacock Feather Clutch
by the superbly talented Allison...aka SunnyRising

{{photo courtesy of Allison at sunnyrising.etsy.com}}


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