14 August 2009

mr. & mrs. smith

aye carumba!

it's been too long.
you would have thought i had forgotten how to type!

it has been a whirlwind month...
trip to the lake
followed by a week of camp
followed by a week long silver smithing class
followed by 10 days in south america
followed by a cold?

back in july we were graciously invited on a relaxing trip
to a lake in SC courtesy of our dear friends...
our newly married dear friends...
(did i mention it was their honeymoon?!)

that's right ladies n' gents-
we will crash your honeymoon if you so desire!

it was a much needed, low key, breezy,
partly sunny, partly warm stormy,
friend-filled kind of trip...
including a pair of gossipy gal pal duckettes,
a perfectly located hammock, painted skies,
minimal time away from the lake house,
the tiniest frogs i ever did see, hearty rain drops,
tasseled hair, tubing...
and love.

always love.


  1. and what about the fabulous steaks i made?! =)

  2. Awesome photographs! Looks like it was a lovely time . . . but we're glad you're back!