28 January 2010

i have something up my sleeve.

oh me, oh my.

i sure have been lackadaisical this last week.
i do have something to show you.
well, a few things really.

i made something. in silver.
she's kind of rough around the edges.
but sweet as can be.
there's something else i want to show you...
but its not here just yet.
i feel they go together.
i'll wait til the arrival of the latter
before i show you the wee jewel.

things have been relentless in my little slice of the world.
my husband and i just participated in the 2010 bridal expo...
(think massive amounts of brides and cake samples).
plus we launched a new website and moved into a new studio space.
we are hosting an open house monday night in that new space.
it's an old building which such breathe and character.
i'll post pictures tuesday so you can see our labor of love.

i guess that's it for now.
oh, did you know i love to illustrate?

well, i do.
she's from my senior capstone exhibition.
inspired by geraldine georges.
i've been dreaming up some new ideas lately...
experimenting with texture and incorporating symbolic imagery.
i must say, so far it looks pretty impressive (in my head).

i was set to re-open my etsy shop...oh, a few weeks ago.
but it didn't happen.
i'm not ready, and i'm not going to push it.
i don't need pressure.
i need practice and creativity
and to find my pulse.
plus, silver and supplies are mighty expensive.

thank you for taking the time to read what i have to say.
thank you especially to all those who have sent me messages
and left comments of encouragement.
this really is a great place to find my wings.

sarah beth


  1. fly on sister..fly free!!

    beautiful illustrations..want to see more :)


  2. Sounds like you've been working hard and having some fun- can't wait to see what you've been up to! Have a good weekend.

    p.s. Love the illustrative work, very cool.