13 January 2010


last summer i stumbled onto etsy during a google search.
last winter i decided to do some Christmas shopping the
handmade way
and came across this:

Gentled But Not Broken Ring


so, i see this image of jillian wearing this
undoubtedly beautiful ring.
i decided to look at her shop and read more about this
giant piece of turquoise.
i read the description
and something inside of me understood.
so, i purchased the ring.
when it arrived, i examined it.
for the first time, i thought about jewelry as art.
i thought about it as having heart strings.
it was no different than the photos and paintings i was finding myself drawn to.
this piece of metal and stone was breathed into life in such a way that
i knew myself better.
i've had jewelry that was important to me,
but not jewelry that was LIKE me...if that makes any sense.

so, even though the ring is a 7.5 and the largest size that fits me is a 7,
i keep it and wear it anyway.
because something still and sleeping was stirred up in my chest, and
 i wanted to know how to bend silver and
how to set stones, and
everything in me that i had been trying to pour into my art
was pounding around begging to be laid in metal.

i asked my teachers what they knew about silversmithing.
i looked up videos on youtube.
around the time i graduated college,
i remember telling my husband i found a class i wanted to take.
he agreed, and
in july i was there.
by the last few days, i stayed in the studio the entire day.
the teacher would leave for lunch and dinner...
my friend and i ordered in.
i just didn't want to stop.

since then, i have slowly been stowing away cabs,
collecting supplies,
hoarding sketches,
and trying to gain confidence.
and that's where i'm stuck.

i have a studio.
more than enough supplies to begin.
plenty of ideas.
an etsy shop.
notes from people i believe in tacked to my board,
ready to enourage and inspire.
but. i'm. frozen.
why is that?

why am i so scared to fail?
why am i not living my heart?
why am i blogging right now instead of playing with my torch?
has anyone else ever felt this way?

sarah beth


  1. i feel that way almost every single day, beautiful wife.

    just gotta force your feet to move and the soul follows soon enough... and before you know it you're flying

    i love you and have fun with bill =)

  2. Oh Sweet, Sweet Friend,

    Everyone feels this way about what they love: everything sacred takes that first step into the temple, and it's a daunting one.
    Two years into silversmithing and I still pause quietly before I work, and sometimes that pause takes a few days.

    Just do something TINY. I mean tiny tiny tiny. Make a simple, hammered ring from 20 gauge wire. Sometimes when you have such lofty ambitions the valley between the mountain of where-you-are-now and the giant peak of where-you-want-to-be feels impossible to pass - start tiny.

    Treat each day in the studio as a chance to learn how solder flows, how flux looks when it's ready to melt, experiement with flame tempterature: melt some bezels, hang out doing nothing....

    I believe in your path and I am so excited to see all the firsts :)


  3. We appear to be in the same boat. Let's jump into the water together, shall we.

  4. Right here rooting you on, lady. And am always here if you need anything.