28 September 2009


Once upon a time
there was a girl.

she grew up on love,
and like a spring bud she sprang up tall and thirsty.

she lived on a farm
with hills of earth thrust up under her feet
and fields dotted with the deep purple of  iron weeds.

she lived with her very own heroes.
she played in the creek bed
and in the caves,
and on long walks she imagined and became.

and the girl grew up this way.
her faith grew strong,
and her heart grew wings...

 blessed with love and friendship
and forgiveness and dreams
and art and sunsets and trees.

one day she discovered her very own prince,
but she didn't need him to rescue her.
just to love her.
and he did.
and he does.

and now that this girl has grown up,
she realizes she isn't grown up at all.
just the same girl with an older soul.


saturday was my 25th birthday...
and boy, oh boy...
it was a great one
thanks to my family and soulmates
and, especially, my hubby.

thee, ummmm, four day event included:

day one.
surprise dinner of stuffed shells
(which paul learned to make just for the occasion)

day two.
no flip breakfast with dear friends,
shopping with my momma and grandma (aka the skinny)
followed by olive garden dinner and chocolate cake

day three.
5k walk in the most wonderfully refreshing rain
(which actually ended up being only one mile....
happy birthday to me!),
lunch at greek fest
(gyros and baklava and kourambiethes, oh my!),
a visit from a bestest dropping off a handmade gift,
brief napping,
sushi and dessert and baltimore zoos and laughs
(and a glorious rainbow streaked sky)
with my soulmates

day four.
sunday worship,
yummy bbq from buddy's,
glazing pottery,
coldstone birthday cake in a cup
(cake batter + yellow cake + caramel + sprinkles+ whip cream = hello, treadmill!),
goofy golf, i mean, putt-putt (ps i won),
billy bob's wonderland games
(and then relinquishing the tickets to some kiddos),
starbucks spiced cider,
and a movie date with the hubbs...

eeeeek! did i really do all that?
no wonder i slept til noon :)

25 sure feels nice.


  1. quarter century kid. i think you're birthday is my favorite birthday