17 September 2009

let me tell you bout my best friend...

i love Ricki Joy from the depths of my heart.
we met in high school and have since, quite literally,
woven our lives together in the most beautiful way.
art students.
happy campers.
lovers of all things fabulous...

we've shared hopes, dreams, secrets,
and sleeping bags...

and big days...

because i have to have her by my side...

because we are soul mates.

in january, Ricki is leaving for 11 months
to do Christian missionary work in 11 countries
with The World Race.
{{ you can find out all about Ricki's trip
and The World Race by checking out their website:

Ricki has to raise a total of some $16,000 for her trip.
but it's more than worth it.

you may not know me.
you may not know Ricki...
but she could use your support.
please pray for my best friend.
you can follow her on her blog at:

if it is on your heart to donate,
you can do it there.
you can e-mail me and ask about
the bracelets she's selling to fundraise.

i love Ricki Joy from the depths of my heart.
and i think you would, too.