04 September 2009

our nest (part one)

our home.
our nest.
my center.
where i find rest, inspiration, comfort,
& love.
i share my home with my best friend.
where there was a house,
we crafted a home.
these are some of my favorite places...

this is what i see when i wake up...
hungry green vines lapping up the light,
sheltering us from the reality of the day.
sunny yellow walls that make me feel warm and vibrant.
a haven.

my favorite rug...
fit for a magic carpet ride (kind of love).

our fridge...
usually not stocked with goodies, typically just the necessities.
but i'm learning.
what i love isn't on the inside...
it's the magnetic smörgåsbord of randomness i love.
reminders. souvenirs. smatterings.
i think i got it from my great grandmother...& it makes me smile.

i think it's the rusty spice color mixed with the wood i like.
and the possibility of the window,
set up so perfectly for daydreaming during chores.

rag rugs and cacti and fun vintage containers...

"an apple a day"
my dad made this bowl,
so it makes me think of him.
it's made from blenko leftovers...
and now i work for blenko...
life's funny that way.

meet lovechild (the orchid) and legs.
legs lives in a cage (thanks ginger!).
lovechild is bare due to faulty air conditioning while we were away.
poor guy.

our guest bedroom...aka my mom's room.
quilts and pillows made by my great grandmothers...
nothing is softer than love.

my bench,
a lovebird vintage find...

she's feminine and ladylike.
she's been a model for photoshoots...
a placeholder for jewelry...
and an all-around good friend.

and she displays mysterious notes we find in our laundry room...

this is our camera collection...
most of them have seen their day
and now serve as a reminder to smile.
a lot of them were gifts.
so they remind us of those who think of us.
think of the moments captured by these cameras...
moments they cemented for someone, somewhere.

our lovely antique couch.
so glamorous.

ahhh....the fire place.
the first Christmas here, we drug the mattress off the bed
and put it right smack dab in front of the fireplace.
so we could hear the fire...
smell the fire...
feel the fire...
so we could cuddle up next to its warmth and glow.
so we could watch the Christmas tree lights dance
and play guitar hero until the wee hours.
then last winter we had a terrible storm.
we lost electric for a week.
that first night paul fixed me macaroni on the stove top.
and we snuggled on the couch...with blankets
and flashlights.
and the pups.
it's a good fireplace.

my "space"...

a gift to me...
"creative hands"
i love my friend.
i think i'll write her.

works of art...
a collection of gatherings.
and my real weakness is rings,
can you imagine!?

this is the art room.
that is my favorite chair.
draped with a blanket i made &
looked down upon by my steel doily
and a cluster of art.
this room is filled with quirks and art and supplies
and books and photos and fabric and imagination.
don't let this one corner fool you.
i'm a messy thinker.

a nursery?
one day?
hope you enjoyed the tour.
stop in anytime.
we'd love to have YOU.


  1. It feels like home to me. It feels like home to me.
    It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong.

  2. I love it!!! So you want to come garnish my house? I love how I could look at almost every pic. and it has a memory we shared! Lets go shopping.(with the $$ we don't have) : ) I love the new soap dish. Wish I had bought one now... I love you!