16 October 2009

you're invited.

pity party, officially over.
thank you to those who helped brighten my day
and lighten my load-
it means heaps and heaps,
and i appreciate you to pieces!
anyway, enough about that silly sass...

paul and i will be celebrating our one year sunday.
i want to shout it from the rooftops i love him so.
in preparation for our upcoming festivities, i thought i'd share with you
some visuals from sweetest day, 2008.
consider yourself invited to our wedding (in pictures)
 from one year ago.
i wish you could have been there.
(or maybe you were)

photos by mandi
she's wonderful.
actaully, she's incredible!
look her up.

i will share some thoughts with you on paul and love
and marriage and year one tomorrow when i have time to digest everything.
now, i must go play pit with some of the
 greatest people on the planet.


  1. Glad today is a better day. Happy anniversary- beautiful pictures from your happy day!

  2. Happy anniversary!
    Favorite parts, Wonderful jewelry, matching tennies, smiles galore! Thanks for the invite and glad you're cloud has lifted.
    Have fun :)