27 October 2009

adventures of david(ette) the gnome.

sometimes we get paid to take pictures in beautiful parks.
and then they pay for us to stay the night in a cottage.
and then we take pictures for fun.

i guess this really doesn't have anything to do with
but it was a pretty awesome show.



  1. Looks like a lovely day-beautiful pics.

  2. When you all get old you will be a gnome couple! You can ride Barnabas. I love the pictures! I hope you are having a good day.I love ya sis!

  3. OMG, I haven't thought about that show in forever! I LOVED it! Swift the fox! Yay for David the Gnome!

    Oh, and gorgeous pics as always!

  4. David the Gnome????
    BEAUTIFUL shots
    sorry never heard of that david :(