18 October 2009

love 365

it was friendship at first sight. we shared an 8am studio class
 (in which the two of us should have never been in at the same time, but life's funny that way).
i told him his head looked like a lollipop and immediately wanted to know him and for him to know me.
he thought i was cute, but shallow, so we took our time.

he has inspired me from day one.
 i was drawn to his talent, his sense of humor, his boldness, his morals...
and those eyes of his that pulled me into a calm i hadn't known.
i wanted him to be my best friend.
i wanted him to be my hero.
i wanted him to be my resting place, my home.
i wanted him to love me.

of course, the timing was off, not once, but twice.
but then, just like that...it wasn't.
7.7.07 we decided we were a "we"
11.12.07 we decided we were in love and going to get married.
10.18.08 we did just that.

365 days of:
one star meals
tremendous growth
pure and utter silliness
pure and honest support
sharing sight

i love my husband.
we do life together.
and, for that, i am blessed.

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